Fanø Bikes gives a 10% discount on weekly bike hire when you rent your holiday home through Sol og Strand

Fanø Bikes collaborates with Sol og Strand.
This means that when you rent a holiday home on Fanø through Sol og Strand, Fanø Bikes gives a 10% discount on bike hire.

The bike will be ready at the Holiday home when you arrive, and we will pick it up again when you have left. That way you don’t waste your precious holiday time finding and choosing bikes and you get the best conditions for getting out and experiencing Fanø as Fanø should be experienced: By bike.

If you have questions or unexpectedly experience problems with your bike, contact Fanø Bikes directly and we will help.

1. Fill in the start date of your bike rental and duration.

2. Place the desired bikes in the basket

3. Use the discount code: SOLOGSTRAND2024 and complete the order

We bike on Fanø

When you visit us, you’ll see that most islanders ride their bikes around the island. It’s a big part of our every day life and it contributes to savings on CO2 emissions.